Products & Solutions

Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT)

Pattern Generator (BPG) and Error Analyzer (EA)

Extender & Remote Heads for BPG and EA

Amplifier Instruments

Mainframes (to host the Plug-In Modules above)

Arbitrary Waveform Generation (AWG)

Arbitrary Waveform Generation (AWG)

2.85 GSa/s compact bench-top AWG

33 GSa/s (GBaud) BPG with remote head DAC

60 GSa/s (GBaud) BPG with remote head DAC

Clock Generation & Distribution

Synthesized Signal Generators

Clock Distribution

Clock Recovery

Frequency Divider & Multiplier

Broadband RF & Microwave Amplifiers

For 10, 40 or 100G with up to 67 GHz bandwidth

Ultra-linear for PAM, OFDM or analog applications

Differential to single ended amplifiers

Clock amplifiers for 20 or 40 GHz

Active Digital & Analog Modules

Multiplexer (Mux) & Demultiplexer (Demux)

Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)

PAM4 Multiplexer

Re-timing / Re-shaping (DFF & Limiting Amplifier)

Frequency Divider & Multiplier

Passive Microwave Modules

Bias Tees (45 GHz, 65 GHz & 110 GHz)

Diplexers (45 GHz, 65 GHz & 110 GHz)

DC Blocks (45 GHz, 65 GHz & 110 GHz)

DC Returns, DC Feeders & Power Dividers

Linear Equalization Filter

RF & Microwave Connectors and Cables

Coaxial RF Adapters

Flexible RF Cables

Semi-rigid RF Cables

Semi-flexible RF Cables

Coaxial RF Flange & Sparkplug Launchers

Coaxial RF Panel Adapters

Optical Transmitter & Receiver

Optical Transmitter up to 256 Gbps (OC-768, 100GbE)

Optical Receiver & Clock Recovery for ASK, DPSK